Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its been 10 years..

I remember that day.  I was scared as hell in the stirrups when the doctor was doing a colposcopy on me.  I later figured out I was misdiagnosed with HPV so afterwards I was sore and ready to just go home and go to bed.  I came out of the room and my mom was in the waiting room watching the news.  We were living in Germany at the time so when it happened at 9 a.m. it was around 2 p.m. I think.  She said that a plane hit a building but we weren't sure what was going on.  We were going home and a friend had called and said a plane hit another building and then we were sure that something was wrong.  We went home and watched the news and saw exactly what was going on.  From then on out everything changed.

If you lived overseas during this time it was not only scary but everyone was on edge and for good reason.  We were shut down, cars were checked, everything had to be.  When you thought living in America was safe, you were wrong, unfortunately nowhere is safe.

We always should remember and never forget.

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