Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ugh what is wrong with you?

I am in this "I really want a man" phase and I'm trying to shake myself out of it.  I don't want to just pick some guy like I did before because I was lonely and thought I needed someone.  I want to just live my life and take care of the kids and just work on myself but it feels like I have this void I need to fill and its killing me.  I secretly envy the happy couples when I'm at work and I hate it, I hate feeling like I need someone when I really don't right now.  I talked to a friend about it and she says that its because I was with my husband for 11 years(married for 9) and I was used to having someone even though it wasn't a positive relationship.  I just need to be shaken and told that my kids make me happy and one day a guy that I deserve and deserves me will eventually come into my life and show me that there are good guys left in the world..until then I will have to deal with the creepers, the overobsessed, and the ones that I need to leave in the dust. 

In the words of my loving cousin Joe(who responded to an old FB status of mine)
So what you just got to do is just get you a bunch of these hood rats run through them, just knock them out. Boom, boom, boom. And once you've done slayed like all of them hood rats now you ready to go up to the upper echelon type ho.
You gotta love the crazy guy!

But anyway, I am feeling better because, well, I have lost weight and gained confidence...I do get hit on once in awhile especially at work

These are a size 13 which is a huge change from when I was a size 18-20!