Friday, May 20, 2011

Tales from a worn out McDonalds employee

Seriously, how can a McDonalds employee be so stressed you ask?  Maybe because I'm employed by someone that scares the bejezus out of me and oh yeah, a retarded clown. 

I love my GM, I say that because I can't afford to get fired but my damn she is like the devil in a managers outfit..the devil wears a blue McDonalds shirt and black pants I kid you not.  I have never been so flabbergasted in all my jobs and I've been working since I was 15..

Thats 16 years y'all...

But on a side note to let y'all know a few things about some products that I get complaints from...

The new strawberry lemonade is sour...lemonade is SOUR its made from lemons and if you ever had a lemon in your life you'll know this.  If you are a big baby ask for more strawberry syrup so you can stir the sweetness into it so your sensitive palate can take it ya wuss.  On a side note, its super yummy!

We also have oatmeal that us employees have to MIX OURSELVES.  It will be soupy at first because its instant oatmeal.  If you ever had instant oatmeal you'll realize that the water and cream have to soak into the oats.  I swear if I get another customer complaining about oatmeal being soupy I will scream.  Guess what happened while you were bitching about the oatmeal?  It became THICK...oh my God..really?

So before you decide to bitch about little things you should realize that us employees have to deal with you people every day.  The same people that bitch about things are the same people that still come in and still order things so this job should not be that stressful.  Its McDonalds, its been around forever and it will never go away so chill the fuck out already.

Seriously, if this doesn't scare you I don't know what does...

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