Sunday, August 28, 2011

We all want happiness

I have had an enlightenment.  I wanted to go to church today and looked up when the church I go to for PWOC had services and it said 11 a.m. so I got up got ready and left.  I went into the church and noticed I was the only white person there and got looks like "girl, you are so out of place" so I took my cell phone and pretended I had a call and left.  I realized it was the right church, wrong service.

When I got home I discussed the situation with friends on facebook and got encouragement that I should have just stayed and it got me to think that just because you feel out of place it doesn't matter, just stay and see how it goes.  I guess maybe I should have just swallowed the doubts and just do it.

I am now listening to Joyce Meyer as my inspiration and my Sunday service for the day, she totally makes me happy and lifts my heart to God.

* I realize that not everyone are Christians and I am open to all religions, I used to be Wiccan but I decided that Christianity was a better path for me.  I'm not telling anyone to be a Christian if they choose not to, it is YOUR path that YOU choose! :)

Some days I am happy and some days I just want to be sad and left alone.  Sometimes I feel empty and worthless and I try to not feel that way but we are all human beings and we all have emotions.  People who say they can never be happy are denying themselves and they are not accepting to the fact that they can be happy if they just open their eyes and see that there are people who love them and care for them if they just accept it.  I have met some people who just don't care about anything and I would try and be there for them but they just won't accept it or won't care to accept it, theres nothing else you can do about it.  I have been trying to surround myself with happy positive people because life is not worth living if you are just going to sit on a black cloud and mope every damn day. 

We all need and we all want happiness we just have to find them and we can't find them if we sit and bitch about it in a secluded bubble with no human contact.

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